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Jade d'Or - Bubble tea
54, boul. Clairevue O
(450) 482-1599
Located in St-Bruno, Jade d’Or offers daily freshly made real tea based drinks.  By respecting the Asian tea tasting tradition, Jade d’Or also makes various non-tea drinks topped with a selection of original tapioca, fruit jellies and fresh fruits.

Stop by Jade d’Or, for a quick serving fresh drink, we'll be happy to welcome you and serve you the best, authentic Asian tea experiences in the neighborhood!


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Bubble Tea, Ice Cream & Drinks.


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Tea has an over thousand year's history in Asia and was categorized as herbal medications in the past. Within the recent decades, people started to find a better way to eliminate the black tea's bitterness by developing milk tea with various popular ingredients such as chewy tapioca pearls and dozens of inviting toppings, thus making it the trendy lifestyle around the world.

Developed by its unique flavors, Jade d'Or proudly brings real bubble tea into Quebec. Our tea grows on the southern side of Pakua Mountain in central Taiwan. By going through all the eco-friendly process, our tea is not only awarded natural aromas but a historical character. Are you ready to explore?

This is Jade d'Or commitment that every single cup of bubble tea is freshly made right here in the store, with real tea and natural ingredients. 


(450) 482-1599

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Jade d'Or - Bubble tea
54, boul. Clairevue O
(450) 482-1599
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(450) 482-1599
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